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Rua Bonita Residential Estate

Total usable floor area: 19,478 m²

Located in the northern part of Kraków, ul. Śliczna 34, in the Prądnik Czerwony District. A residential building consisting of two segments with a simple, modernistic form and a slight variation in heights; their layout and form create three green spaces on the plot together with both pedestrian and pedestrian and car passages.

A one-storey underground carpark stretches underneath the complex. The residential estate is complete with a playground, aboveground parking spaces, and commercial units on the ground floor of the building.

The investment project was delivered over two stages, offering a total of more 370 apartments of different sizes.
Total usable floor area: approx. 19,600 m²

Casa Feliz Housing Estate pic 1
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Casa Feliz Housing Estate

Total usable floor area 42,000 m²

A multi-stage housing project on Żabiniec Street, Prądnik Biały District in Kraków. The investment project consisted of 12 residential multi-family buildings with commercial ground floor sections and underground carparks.

The well-designed, modern and functional concept of the residential area demanded the stage-by-stage delivery of the project to achieve a uniform and unique architectural format. The buildings are characterised by simple, yet modern bodies. They stand out owing to unique, wooden, partially openwork balcony shells, which contrast with light coloured plasterwork of the façade, reflecting influences of Nordic architectural concepts. The enclosed section of the housing estate contains some greenery, elements of small architecture, and a playground.

The investment project was delivered over seven stages, with a total of more than 850 apartments and 13 commercial units.
The total usable floor area: approx. 42,000 m²

Casa Feliz Zbałocie Housing Estate pic 1
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Casa Feliz Zbałocie Housing Estate

Total usable floor area 5,200 m²

Casa Feliz Zabłocie is the newest housing project located in Zabłocie District, in Krakow. Currently the most trendy and desired Krakow’s address. – a district which has undergone radical changes in the recent years. Zabłocie has been Krakow's industrial backbone for over 600 years. Located in the vicinity of the centre of the city, is becoming increasingly interesting and is metamorphosing into a select location of the district. Postindustrial character, numbers of cafes and restaurants, museums and very advantaged public transportation.

The functional concept assumes small 4 storrey multifamily buildings with underground garage and internal green atrium. Small, functional flats will meet the expectations of young clients who want to live in the cultural centre of Krakow.

The total usable floor area: approx. 5,200 m2

Twardowskiego 115 pic 1
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Twardowskiego 115

Total usable floor area 680 m²

A small-sized investment project in Twardowskiego Street in Kraków, located in a particularly attractive part of the city, the green Dębniki district, next to Zakrzówek, the Cracovians’ favourite recreational area.

ach of the four modern semi-detached buildings (segments A, B, C and D) contains two comfortable apartments: a duplex with its own wooden terrace and a vast private garden, as well as a smaller-sized, cosy loft. In total, the investment project delivered eight apartments in four buildings.

The total usable floor area: approx. 680 m2

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Hamernia 29

Total usable floor area 1,500 m²

Hamernia 29 is a smaller-sized residential estate of semi-detached houses attractively located between the districts of Wola Justowska and Bronowice. Large-sized apartments located on the ground floor and partially on the first floor have their own, large, green gardens. Green common grounds have also been planned in the estate, open to all families.

Smaller apartments are intended to have their own external parking units, while larger apartments will have single-unit parking spaces on the ground floor of the buildings.

The investment project will be delivered over two stages.
The total usable floor area: approx. 1,500 m2

Słonecznikowa pic 1
Słonecznikowa pic 2
Słonecznikowa pic 3


Total usable floor area 700 m²

A prestigious apartment complex of four single-family residential buildings with their own underground garages. The very cool, modern and minimalist body of the buildings and their concrete façade lends them a modern, futurist look.

The added value is the unique location of the investment project at the city level, at the point when Słonecznikowa and Emaus Streets meet, along the Rudawa River Boulevards, next to some of the Cracovians’ favourite recreational areas of the Błonia, Jordana Park and the Wolski Forest.

Total usable floor area: approx. 19,600 m2

Porto Office Complex pic 1
Porto Office Complex pic 2
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Porto Office Complex

Office and commercial space: approx. 12,700 m²

The complex consists of two A-class office buildings on Zielińskiego Street in Kraków, in the fashionable Stare Dębniki area of the picturesque buffer zone of the Bielany and Tyniec Landscape Park. A four-storey Porto Office B building was delivered as the first in the complex, offering nearly 5,600 m² of office space. Porto Office A, with more than 7,100 m², followed in stage two of the project. Their hypnotising, copper-coloured façades blend smoothly into the surrounding greenery, generating excellent reviews from the sector’s opinion makers and local residents.

The buildings have been designed in the spirit of sustainability – they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, while their competitive advantage originates from a number of innovative material and energy consumption solutions and methods for promoting the informed use of environmentally friendly solutions by their users. Both buildings are certified with the prestigious LEED Environmental Gold Class certification and building B was awarded the 2nd degree “2017 Construction Project” award by the Polish Society of Civil Engineers.

Office and commercial space (GLA):
Porto Office A: approx. 7,100 m²
Porto Office B: approx. 5,600 m²

Poznań Tram Depot pic 1
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Poznań Tram Depot pic 3

Poznań Tram Depot

Total usable floor area 40,000 m²

In the central location of Jeżyce, one of the most charming and climatic districts of the city of Poznań, in the area of Gajowa-Sienkiewicza-Kraszewskiego-Zwierzyniecka streets, on the site of a former tram depot, a mixed-use Zajezdnia Poznań (Poznań Tram Depot) investment project is planned, incorporating residential, commercial and office functions. A concept unique to Poznań for rehabilitating the city block located near the old ZOO and the EXPO trade fair hall is intended to house the first food court in Poznań, a modern A-class office building and a very attractive apartment complex.

Owing to its location, Zajezdnia Poznań guarantees easy and quick access to all services and points of interests, including local walking areas, shops, pharmacies, schools and kindergartens, cafés and restaurants.

Zajezdnia Poznań will become the highlight of the district and, together with the renovated tram depot hall, stand out as an important tourist, commercial, cultural and business centre.

The investment project will be delivered over three stages, with total usable floor area of approx. 40,000 m2