Sol e Mar Advisory - About us

We foster a professional approach, respect our investors’ time, and endeavour to duly represent their interests. We are flexible and sensitive to changes in the business environment, and we respond by adapting our activities rapidly and accordingly. We promote exceptional ventures and unique projects and are not afraid of novelty. At all times, we follow the strictest business ethics standards. Our team is comprised of experienced and well-qualified experts who work hard to deliver on the client’s objectives.

Our Mission

People are our biggest assets. The team we have built is a product of Portuguese visionary with Polish accuracy and reliability. Our investors’ roots are in sunny Portugal - we are open, warm-hearted and direct people. In Poland, we found a huge economic potential but, first and foremost, ambitious professionals.


Our goal is to offer our clients a full range of the services delivered with the highest level of satisfaction, and to adapt unique projects to the Polish conditions and economic realities. Our partners are foreign investors present on the markets in Portugal, Brazil, Spain or the USA who, in choosing Poland as their next market for expansion, saw the great potential it has to offer. Investing their capital in this part of Europe, they expect timely and regular returns on their investment.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is our high level of flexibility and the skill to find solutions tailored to our clients’ expectations. We endeavour to meet our investors’ expectations, and propose services responding to their plans and business assumptions.

identification of investment projects
feasibility studies
preparation of the investment for delivery
raising financing
investor representation
coordination of PR and sales process
construction management
development cost planning

Porque vamos mais alem. Because we aim higher.